Member Update: 02/22/2017

The next Local 3621 General Membership meeting is scheduled for March 8, 2017 at 7P




Your help is needed and would be greatly appreciated!!!

 Lt. Scott Heinze – EMD           

Lt. Scott Heinze was out on sick leave due to an off-duty injury. He has depleted his sick and annual leave time and will now be off payroll. He and his family won’t receive any pay or medical benefits.

Members are encouraged to donate time and help our brother in his time of need.                 All donations are greatly appreciated.

A donation form may be obtained on this Union website just click the department forms link. Leave the reference # blank

Please return all forms to:

By Mail:                                                                                          By FDNY Dept. Mail
FDNY  EMD                                                           Lieutenant Adam Lorenz
11 Metrotech Center                                              11 Metrotech / EMD
Bklyn, N.Y. 11201
A/O Lt. Adam Lorenz                                          
By Fax:  Attn. to Lt. Adam Lorenz
Bureau of Communications                             
                    (718) 347-250-6090

We are asking all time donations be sent to Lieutenant Adam Lorenz so the donation can be tracked and we can ensure Scott receives all the time that is donated to him.

If you have questions you may call me at the union office 718-371-0315.




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