UEMSO President, Vincent A. Variale

UEMSO President, Vincent A. Variale

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

It has been several years since we launched a redesigned website. At a time when visiting a website meant opening your laptop or booting up your computer the site we launched eight or nine years ago worked fairly well. The new site will be designed to display equally well on tablets, phones, or wrist watches.

We hope this new site will prove to be an added benefit to our members. Our goal is to make the website accessible, not only from the display perspective, but from the user’s point of view as well. We are consolidating various links to make it easier for members to locate the resources they need and to keep members up-to-date on coming events, contract negotiations, as well as all news and information of importance to our members.

We are excited about being able to launch a new website and I hope you take a few minutes to explore the site and send us your feedback. Like most things in life the website is a work in progress and its progress will be enhanced by the input of our members.

In Solidarity,
Vincent Variale

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