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Health Insurance Update 12/20/2016

New RX Copays.

Please see the attached PDF for important changes in your co-pays !!

Effective 1-1-17

Reminder – RX Co-pay Increases Eff 1-1-17

Health Insurance Dependent Audit

The Municipal Labor Committee (MLC) and the City have reached an agreement.

The new deadline to file by mail or email is
November 4, 2013. All members active or retired with dependents receiving benefits must comply with the audit.

Members retired or active must remove any dependent that has not and continues to be ineligible to continue receiving benefits as a dependent before October 4, 2013.
If the member complies the City agrees not to recoup any monies from premiums or claims incorrectly paid; or file any criminal or disciplinary charges. If the ineligible dependent is not removed by October 4, 2013 the City may file criminal charges.

If any member submits proof of dependent eligibility by October 4th and their dependent is denied there is an agreed three step appeal process.
The dependent will continue to receive benefits during the process until it is completed. If after the appeals process it is determined the dependent is ineligible the City will not seek any recoupment from the member or dependent.

All privacy and confidential documents submitted will be protected and once the proof is accepted will be destroyed under the supervision of an approved consultant. If there is a breech of privacy members will have the right to file a lawsuit against the City, consultant or subcontractors.

If you need forms, have any questions or require more information please contact the AON Company at 855-596-7454.

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