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Retirees (1)

Retired UEMSO Members

For Retirees

For Retirees

To our Retired UEMSO Members Welcome to our new website.

News and items of interest to retirees will be posted on this page. The information on this page is not available to the general public, but it will be accessible by logged in retirees and active Local 3621 personnel. If you need an account fill in the registration form. Indicate that you are a retired member. When we review your registration you will received a notice that your account has been activated. Please allow the union a few days to process your registration.

Uniformed EMS Officers Union FDNY Retirement Party 2016 

Congratulations to All the Retirees!  Enjoy your retirement and the best of luck as you begin your new journey.

Thank you to all who attended the event.


2016 Retirement Party

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