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Date 03.04.2020 4:30 pm - 8:30 pm
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February 22 2020
EMS In the News
      By ADRIENNE ADAMS and JUSTIN BRANNAN NEW YORK DAILY NEWS |FEB 22, 2020 |   Among their many responsibilities, New York City's uniformed first responders rescue people in perilous, life-threatening situations w...
February 19 2020
EMS In the News
 "When EMS first responders are paid less than what it costs to live in the city they serve, it impacts the morale. It also causes massive turn over. Ironically, one of the reasons the deBlasio Administration says they can't fix this problem is ...
February 19 2020
EMS In the News
NY Times endorses equal pay for EMSClick on link for full story  -Vincent Variale
October 07 2019
EMS In the News
FDNY EMS will now have a real civil service career with exams for Lieutenant to the rank of Division Chief. Thank you Governor Andrew Cuomo, Senators Andrew Gounardis & Marty Golden. Majority Leaders Andrea Cousins & John Flanagan. Assemblym...
August 23 2018
EMS In the News
Uniformed EMS Officers Union Vice President Anthony Almojera was recently quoted by CBS regarding the recent increase in violence towards our fellow EMS Brothers and Sisters. Lt. Almojera made strong and clear statements regarding the lack of persona...

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RT @UEMSO_FDNY: Congratulations 47F2!! Unit of the Month

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@UEMSO_FDNY @NYCMayorsOffice @NYCFirstLady Do you have stickers of these ?

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RT @UEMSO_FDNY: Congratulations 47F2!! Unit of the Month

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@UEMSO_FDNY What is her stated stance on NYCERS Reform and Equality on FDNY EMS Pension issues ??

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